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Our Mission

The main mission of Revive Vitality is to provide outstanding quality healthcare and technology to assist with the treatment and renewal of our community. Our pledge to YOU is to perform this privileged duty in a professional, clean and compassionate environment; treating you, at all times, like family.


Insurance Coverage

We provide our patients with “super bills” that allows them to submit claims to their insurance providers. Out-of-network submissions done through Revive Vitality will be charged full price insurance office rates.


Testosterone Therapy Costs

Many patients opt to pay for the therapy themselves due to our reasonable cash prices. This option gives them much more treatment flexibility under insurance companies treatment criteria.


Free 14 Min Consultations

Consider a free 14 minute consultation with our licensed professionals. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the options available for you. Consultations are scheduled based on availability.

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